20 Things I Have Ready Right Now

Let’s be honest; times are scary right now, and everyone is talking about the upcoming economic collapse. Whether or not it happens for real, we won’t know until it does, but it’s wise for everyone to prepare with some must-have items for the coming chaos.

In recent years, Greece and Venezuela experienced economic collapses, and the empty shelves during the Covid crisis strengthened the concerns. Our food supply chain is delicate, and we all know now that vulnerabilities increase the likelihood that stores will empty quickly.

So, how can you prepare your family for the coming chaos? You start with making sure your stockpile has these must-have items ready to go.

20 Must-Have Items to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

1. Staple Foods

The first must-have item that you need to have is a well-stocked pantry. In Venezuela, food prices doubled in less than 30 days, and the shelves emptied during the start of the pandemic. Even in the US, when in the grocery store you might find a canned good but it was not what you went in for, it was what was left that no one wanted. Food is a necessity.

If possible, focus on storing six months to one year of staple foods. You want to have basic staples like wheat, rice, pasta, oats, beans, sugar, and powdered milk. Stocking up on long-term food storage containers, like those from Augason Farms, is an excellent option because they have a 25-30 year shelf life.

You also need canned goods, boxed mixes, cereal, condiments, and other foods for your pantry. Adding staple foods to your storage is one of the best investments for an economic collapse. We’ve seen hyperinflation in other countries, so be ready.

2. Oils

Aside from non-perishable foods, you need to have cooking oil available as well. I was shocked when I couldn’t find any in the stores during the pandemic. People stockpiled quickly!

3. Frozen or Canned Meat

Meat is a big deal for your diet; you need protein. Frozen meats are great, but you need a backup plan if the grid goes down because of the economic collapse. Canning meat is one way to make it shelf-stable, and some prefer to smoke or dry their meat into jerky.

Whatever you prefer, just make sure you have plenty of meat ready for your family.

4. Toilet Paper and Feminine Products

We all laugh and joke about the toilet paper problems we had during the pandemic, but you do want to have some stockpiled. Eventually, if an economic collapse lasts for a long time, you’ll run out, but honestly, you need to ease into all of the problems. Having to use leaves immediately, along with realizing the world is changed forever, might push you over the edge!

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If you have females in your house, having a stockpile of feminine products is a must. The last thing you want is an infection or bacterial disease because you didn’t have the right products.

5. Hygiene products

Make sure you have body soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other hygiene products. Access to medical professionals may be limited, so staying clean and healthy is a must!

6. Medications

Medications are always a must-have item to prepare for an economic collapse. If you have a chronic medical condition, some doctors will prescribe extra in emergencies, but it is more challenging because insurances only refill after so many days. Take advantage of the five-day buffer and refill as soon as possible.

You want to have a good supply of over-the-counter medications, such as:

  • Pain relievers
  • Allergy medications
  • Cold & flu medications
  • Antacids
  • Vitamins

7. Garden Seeds

An economic collapse is a serious event, throwing an entire country into chaos. You need to be able to provide food for your family, and having garden seeds is one way to do that. If you can’t buy groceries, you need to be able to grow food.

Have, at least, a year’s worth of seeds available.

8. Garden Tools

Garden tools are needed if you’re going to grow your own food. During the Great Depression, everyone had a garden. It wasn’t a hobby; it was needed for life.

Make sure you have several heavy-duty shovels, spades, hoes, a good wheelbarrow or two, rakes, pruners, and whatever else you think you need to grow a large garden.

9. Lighters and Matches

You never can have too many matches or lighters on hand. Fire is what brought mankind out of the stone age, so let’s not go there again.

10. Lighter Fluid & Charcoal

If you no longer have gas or electricity, you need to cook somehow. Having a charcoal grill is an excellent way to good when all else fails, and lighter fluid makes it easier to get a fire started to stay warm.

11. Batteries & Flashlights

Batteries are multi-purposeful; you never know when you’ll need batteries. Make sure you have plenty stockpiled. Try buying them in bulk because they’re typically cheaper. Flashlights are also required if the lights go out.

12. Oil Lamps and Lamp Oil

I prefer oil lamps when the electricity goes out, but you have to know how to use them safely and have lamp oil on hand. Nice oil lamps are an investment, but they last for decades.

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13. Water Purifiers

It’s hard to know if you’ll have access to clean water once the economy collapses so that people will stockpile water purifiers quickly. Make sure you have a variety on hand.

14. Generator

People will rush out and buy generators. Look for a solar generator, if possible, because gas generators require more maintenance. Plus, you have to store gasoline, and they’re much noisier, which could make your house a target.

15. Survival Books

You can never have too many books, and going into an economic collapse, you have no idea what you might encounter. Having good books on different survival situations and scenarios will help you be sure you’re prepared.

16. Cast Iron Cookware 

Cookware is a must, and since you won’t be going out to eat, you need to have good pots and pans. You can’t get better than cast iron, which you also can use over a campfire or a grill. You want several sizes available.

17. Tarps and Stakes

Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to have too many tarps and stakes. You never know when you’re going to need them, so just buy them.

18. Duct Tape & Cable Ties

The same idea goes for duct tape and cable ties. I feel like I use them for all sorts of projects; duct tape fixes so many things. Since you won’t run out and buy new things when the economic collapse, you need ways to fix what you have.

19. Sewing Supplies & Fabric

During the Great Depression, my grandmother’s mom made all of her clothing because they were too poor to buy clothes from the store. Unfortunately, it’s a possibility that may be in our future. Buying fabric by the bolt is considerably cheaper than by the cut.

You should also have basic sewing supplies on hand so that you can mend clothing and whatever else needs fixing around your home.

20. Canning Supplies

You should always have canning supplies available. With the coming chaos, you want to preserve whatever food you grow for your family. Ensure you have plenty of canning jars, lids, and all of the supplies needed in excess.

My Final Thought

Unfortunately, the likelihood of an economic collapse keeps increasing, so gathering the must-have items for the coming chaos is the responsible thing to do. These are just a few of the items you want to have in excess if the economy collapses.

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2 Replies to “20 Things I Have Ready Right Now”

  1. Wow- I had some anxiety reading your article because I’m not fully prepared.  In my lifetime, there has never been the threat of an economic disaster like there is now.  This is a very comprehensive list of supplies- some of it I have and others I don’t.  I know I’ll have a peace of mind though once I do get everything.  

    • Hello Misty!

      I am trying to share my thoughts on why one needs to be ready before you have to be. I don’t mean to get you too worked up over why but it is a good eyeopener for some to realize if we even had a four-day event that would not let them leave the confines of their home, it could be bad. 

      If someone would like to have this peace of mind but is not sure where to start, I can help! Just go to Your Survival Plan, sign up and I will help you step by step to get your plan and supplies all together to suit your specific needs!

      Let’s get ready before you have to be!


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