Build Your Own Survival Bunker

The Ultimate Solution For A Survival Bunker!

Keep your family safe!

If you are like me, the number one goal is to keep your family safe. On this site, I have provided information on how to prepare to do that in the event of an emergency. I have given resources to help you build your stockpile and know how to manage it within your original grocery budget once you have the essential storage needs.

I have been contemplating my fortress where I store my goods and how safe it really is if things were to go really bad. I wasn’t really all that happy with what I was looking at. This has led me to do some investigation and for the most part, what I have found unless you have a small fortune saved up, a real bunker is out of the question. Until now!

In my research, I have come across a site called Family Bunker Plans. On this site, you pay a small fee for pre-made plans to build your own bunker. There are multiple plans to choose from, from above ground with conventional energy supplies to below ground with completely self-sustainable power.

With the amount of money I have been putting back, for this reason, I will now be able to build my own bunker that is twice as nice as what I would have paid to have done. A much better option for keeping my family safe!

The Ultimate Solution Is A Survival Bunker

With this in mind, here are some of the things that were taken into consideration when designing these plans.

  • Do you want your bunker to be hidden/secretive?
  • Do you want your bunker to be impossible to break into?
  • Will it be big enough to fit a family of 5?
  • Will it be able to have enough storage space for 6 months of food and water?
  • Can it be ventilated and provide safe, fresh breathing air?
  • Will it have a source of renewable power for an unlimited supply?
  • Will it be strong enough to withstand a natural disaster or terrorist attack?

After sitting down and deciding to provide my family with a survival bunker, I have found with these plans, I can cover all of these questions.

Buy These Plans

I can comfortably say this is a deal. There is a temporary opportunity to get in on this for $47. If you click on this picture, not only do you get the plans, you will also get much, much more. John Hartman, an ex-military extreme disaster planning specialist will also give you guides.

  1. Survival Stockpile
  2. Family Protection Plan
  3. Off-Grid Power Backup

He typically sells just the plans for almost $300 a pop. You can see, even without the extras, this is a steal!

Act Now And Do This For Yourself

These days, with increased natural disasters and more threats of terrorist attacks, a safe hideout is a must if you want 100% peace of mind for your family’s safety. Imagine always having a safe location for your family to retreat if there is danger. These plans provide the best safety and are the cheapest I have found.

Order Your Family Bunker Plans Here!

4 Replies to “Build Your Own Survival Bunker”

  1. I moved to Florida 4 years ago, and have had to evacuate for one hurricane.  It is scary, so something like this would be great.  My only concern would be if the area flooded, then we would be under water right?  Or do they keep you safe from that as well?

    • Hi Leahrae, 

      That is definitely a different region than what I am familiar with. I can see your concern about building a bunker underground! I am sure there is a way to make one capable of being safe underwater. It would have to be air-tight and have some sort of ventilation for breathing air.  There would have to be some way to know you were no longer underwater before you opened the hatch too. 

      It seems to me it might make more sense to build above ground, maybe even on reinforced stilts in this case. It could be just as secure but maybe not as discrete. Family Bunker Plans do have these options for above ground. May have to be modified to do stilts though. 

      I have actually visited some old military bunkers on the gulf coast that have been there for hundreds of years and are still standing. All above-ground though. Not too hidden but have endured the test of time!

      Something to think about! Thanks for bringing this up!


  2. Hi there,

    Awesome post; I’ve found it very useful! My brother is planning to build a bunker. He told me this a month ago, but I thought he wasn’t serious about it. However, I wonder if it’s legal to build a bunker? It’s a lot of work:) I wouldn’t want the authority to destroy it after spending so much time on it. What about people that live far away from woods and open fields? Wouldn’t it be difficult for them? 

    I have bookmarked your website, and I’ll share it with my brother; he will love it!

    Thank you!  

    • Hi Daniella,

      Building a bunker does take some planning and discipline. These plans take a lot of the leg work out of it for you. It is completely legal to build a bunker. Of course, permit requirements vary from state to state and because it is not permanent living quarters there is the possibility of not being subject to property taxes also. 

      Depending on your location, building a bunker can present some challenges. Obviously, if you are in a highrise in a city you may have to look at a safe room or something you could add to your existing structure. If in a neighborhood, if done properly, it could be built under an existing home with internal access. This would take some serious planning and added expense to support the existing structure while doing so but very possible. 

      All good questions! I hope your brother does follow through with this. You may consider pitching in and making a joint effort. You could modify and increase the space for you and your family to have a place to go too. If location is an issue. These do not have to be where you live just on a property you own. 

      Stay safe and be ready before you have to be!


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