Disasters Strike Without Warning


Every U.S. state and territory is at risk of disasters!

Are You Ready

So many people are affected every year, lives turned upside down, even lost. After a disaster, so many people are in need of help. This makes it very hard for rescuers to get to everyone. It is uncertain you will receive help right away. This is why you need to take some simple steps and LIVE READY!

I am building a course to help you do just that. It is called LIVE READY. This comprehensive course will ensure you are ready before you have to be!

Let’s Get Started

Starting out, there is a series of blogs and videos to help you become familiar with this process. We are going to cover 6 topics to give an overview of what the course will take a deep dive into. Here are the topics in order.

  1. Identify hazards – what could you be affected by in your area.
  2. Make a communication plan.
  3. Document and insure your property.
  4. Knowing your alerts and warnings.
  5. Safeguarding important documents.
  6. 12 ways to PrepB4

Follow Along

Even if you don’t want to get the paid course, LIVE READY, that will take a deep dive into all of these topics. Give you actionable tips and worksheets that will have you doing and not just thinking about these things, leaving you ready before you have to be!

At least stay tuned for the free training in this series. If you are interested in helping me develop this course to provide the best solution to your problems click here. You may be selected to get the course for free.

This 6 step series will provide an overview of the course and give you so much value. Even if you don’t join, my course overview will give you enough information to help you prepare to be ready before you have to be!

Go to PrepB4.com, see what interests you. There are books and downloads on the Resources Page and so much to learn at Prepping and Survival Skills.


You never know when disaster will strike! As always be ready before you have to be!


This is Chad & I’m out!

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