Emergency Preparedness For Pets

Hopefully, you have started prepping yourself for an unexpected emergency. Now it’s time to think about your pets.


Emergency Kit For Pets

Something a lot of people overlook during setting up their survival kits is their pets. I know I have several and in the event, I have to resort to breaking into our prep kit, I will be ready before I need to be ready. My pets are part of the family and they have been included in my plan. One should prepare a separate emergency kit for pets. It is one more simple step to putting together your emergency survival kit for disaster preparedness.

The most common thought on this is they can eat what I have stored for us. I don’t mind to share with them. This may be alright for a short period of time but they have different requirements for nutrition. For this article, I am going to refer to dogs in general. If you would like to learn more about a dog’s nutritional needs and how to care for them groomydude.com is my favorite website for dogs.

If you are serious about this and want to make sure you have the best emergency food for survival for your pets, go to this link and sign up to my mailing list to get a free book. Then go here and get all of your storage containers you need to start getting ready before you need to be ready.

Benefits Of Having A Dog In A Disaster

A well-trained dog can be one of the best things you can have if presented with a disaster. Dogs have played a role in every major event in history in some way or another. It may not be what was talked about in the history books but they were there, I promise. Dogs have played in essential roles in all walks of life.

If you consider the versatility of a dog’s abilities and their natural instincts to hunt and survive, one could easily recognize why a dog would be beneficial to have in a survival situation. From using their heightened senses to just having that companionship in a time of need a dog could be part of your survival kit.

Prep For The Dog

Once you have read my free guide and have your storage area set up. Now you are ready to prep for the dog. You may not need as big of a container, but I like them all the same for stacking and appearance. It is simple to prep for the dog. You already have water storage. Just add a bit in your calculation for the dog. With the extra container have an assortment of food. This will have to be on your list to rotate as well.

You will want to have whatever food you normally buy for them. A two week supply should be good. You should look into a canned variety. These will typically last longer in storage and provide more nutrition in smaller quantities. This will let you start by feeding them normally in the beginning, then gradually cut back to ration and start mixing in the other product a little at a time for the transition.

You will also have to pack the rest of the essentials. If you have canned goods, make sure you have a can opener! It may be good to consider, treats, grooming tools, and even some toys. You should have some extra room left for anything you might have just wanted to add for yourself too.

Don’t Underestimate Your Dog

Having this ready will not only help your dog survive, but it also allows you to have your companion to help you survive. Even the smallest bread can be helpful. They can sniff things out, burrow, chase out the game if you have to resort to hunting. They can give you a warning in the event of danger from strangers, weather, and things they would hear or sense before humans do.


If you have a pet and you are prepping, don’t forget to prep for the pet! This is good for them and you. Check out the links on this page to help you understand and get what you need to put together an emergency survival kit for your pets.

I hope you have found this information useful! If you would like to comment or have questions you can leave those below.

Thanks, Chad

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  1. Wow, immaculate site. I loved the colours you are using to showcase the content. This is a hot and important topic; many have no idea until they read what you have written about this topic. I feel you are on the right track with this site. I would add follow more groups about your topic, one that many people have an interest in.

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    • Hi Joseph, 

      I have been reviewing and exploring how to do just that. My goal is to reach as many people as I can to help them realize just how easy it can be to be ready before you need to be ready. The thing is, once you have to be it is too late. 

      I have never been a participant on Facebook but am now trying to figure it all out and look for groups to help me with this discussion topic.

      Thank you for the comments and your views!


  2. Thanks for this article. This article has been able to create the awareness that while we prepare ourselves for any emergencies, our pets should not be left out. I checked the website you recommended for those who have a dog pet and I must confess that there is really a lot to learn about dogs from the website.

    • Thanks for visiting Nelson! I hope any of the information helps all that I can reach. Please come back again and get ready before you have to be ready! 

      There are so many benefits to having a dog in day to day life. They can be very useful in the event you are in a situation where you can only survive. 



  3. Great content and wonderful article!  I have friends who have their pets registered with certain programs designed to track them in case they get separated in the event of a natural disaster so it’s interesting to see that so many precautions can be taken to protect pets.  I’ve never thought to do this myself but might make the investment before it’s too late!

    • Hey there Quentin, 

      I know in my case, even if my dogs weren’t useful, I would do everything I can to help them survive in an emergency. After all, they are part of our family!



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