Powerless Tools For When There Is No Power

Imagine having to revert to the days before power was available at the flip of a switch.

When Disaster Strikes

Will you be ready? Do you have what you would need in the event something, anything happened that suddenly left us in the dark? If you have signed up for the free guide from my home page, you may have the essentials to keep you alive but you can never be too prepared.

You may have the food, water, and supplies to help you survive. One thing that is often not given enough thought is classic hand tools. In this article, I am going to list some classic hand tools to have on hand and ready to go at any given moment. You could separate some of these into categories for woodworking, building, demolition, even gardening hand tools.


Where To Buy Hand Tools

What I am going to list are the bare essentials you should have on hand and even offer you a convenient place through my Amazon association to get them all in one place. Once you read through this article, you can easily find all that I have listed in one affordable, simple location to get your new hand tools specifically for your survival kit. Just go to Where To Start and scroll down to the section for powerless tools.

I know it sounds salesy, but I am honestly trying to help you be ready before you have to be. Why would you buy new tools if you already have some? In the event, things went south and you had to rely on what you have on hand, would you rather start with some old worn-out tools or the nice new set you had set back for this occasion? It really isn’t that much when you look at what you really need to have.

10 Powerless Tools

Here is a list of 10 powerless tools you should set back for survival preparedness only. If you acquire a piece at a time it is very affordable. If you just want to go all in it really isn’t that much considering the difference in the outcome if you actually need them. You will be able to find them all in one place if you go to the link below or in the top menu at Where To Start.

Where To Start

1. Hammer

I have been working with my hands pretty much my whole life. This is one of my favorite tools! So many uses! So many varieties. This and maybe a handful of nails you could be used to board up your house ar even put together a shelter if need be. A hammer should be one of the first things that come to mind in a primitive situation.

2. Screw Drivers

Next on the list should be a no brainer also. I am not sure I have ever seen a toolbox with a screwdriver of some sort in it. Another versatile tool with all kinds of uses. Of course, a screw gun is nice and fast but these will never run down and have so many uses.

3. Wrenches

End wrenches, pipe wrenches, pliers. I would recommend a small assortment. These are essential tools for all kinds of repairs. Not to mention you can use pliers to hold on to things you can’t use your hands for such as something that is too hot to hold.

4. Hand Drill

These are not a common tool these days due to the modern technology of battery drills. They are still available and don’t use any electricity. This and a hand full of bits could really improve your ability to be more versatile with your repairs, modifications, or inventions used to survive.

5. Hand Saw

Have you ever tried to make a board shorter without one of these? There are ways but not usually as accurate, clean, or easy. A regular cross-cut hand saw is great for building, cutting timber, or even butchering fresh game. I would not skip this tool.

6. Pry Bar

The main focus in having one of these is to keep from breaking your screwdrivers when using them as a pry bar. Pry bars are a handy tool when scavenging lumber. They can also be used for leverage or a turnbuckle with wire to tighten things down.

7. Hatchet

This is probably one of the top-selling tools for a bug out bag. You can even get ones with multi-purpose tools attached to them. I myself would prefer one that is a hatchet alone. More durable and will withstand the abuse it is given when actually being used.

8. Folding Shovel

Folding ShovelNo other tool is better for digging! A shovel can come in so useful if you have one! They can be used for things like burying waste. Eww, right! Imagine not burring it. Handy for making fire pits, trenches, traps, and all kinds of stuff.

9. Machette

Oh yeah! I just want one of these to carry around and look like I am ready for anything. They can be very sharp and used to cut with. Very nice for clearing brush, gathering kindling, or shaving bark for fire starting.

10. Tool Box

Remember, we are prepping for disaster. You will need something to store all of these items in and keep them in good condition. This will also make it convenient if you need to grab and go. Make it as small as you can and still fit all the tools you want in it.

Seem Far Fetched

It may be completely unnecessary, and I hope it is. I know if things go south and we are left without power, running water, or the ability to travel to the local convenience store and gather the things you need, I have a list of people that will be welcome at my doorstep and I will have the ability to keep them alive and protected. I do hope this never happens. I love the way of life that we have been blessed with by our founding forefathers and those who serve. I enjoy my freedom and the opportunity to thrive in whatever market I choose to provide for my family. Please never forget that all of these commodities have not come without a price. It is fragile and could be crippled in an instant by things that are out of our control.

Please, take this info and get ready before you have to be. Fill out the form on this site for the free guide to getting started. I will send updates and information to keep you motivated and informed on things that can save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Once you have the guide, you can come back to PrepB4.com and find everything you need in one place to follow the steps to prepare your castle for the worst.

Be ready before you have to be!


8 Replies to “Powerless Tools For When There Is No Power”

  1. Electricity has become an irreplaceable part of our lives. We use electricity for almost everything we do, and when there is power outage there is this discomfort and slight worriness we feel. But it would be nice to learn how to make use of hand tools that do not require power to work. This will enable us carry out some of our daily activities even without electricity.

    • Hello, 

      There is one thing I think of a lot when trying to prepare. A majority of my research is on how folks did things back in the day before there was a grid. If you look at all the inventions that have gotten us to where we are today, most of them have been around longer than the grid itself. 

      I will on occasion when the wind is blowing or a storm is rolling in, I will flip off the breaker to the house and make everyone think there is a power outage to force them to practice living without it. This simple act will prepare them to be able to when it really does happen.

      This little trick will help them be ready before they have to be. It also gets the kids away from those video games for a bit and spend some time with dad!



  2. I love wrenches, Wrenches are made in various shapes and sizes and are used for gripping, fastening, turning, tightening and loosening things like pipes, pipe fittings, nuts and bolts. There are basically two major kinds of wrenches: Pipe wrenches used in plumbing for gripping round (cylindrical) things. Thanks alot for sharing.

    • David, 

      You are speaking my language! As a Steam Fitter by trade, I have pretty much built my life from pipe wrenches.

      In the event I had to survive I would guarantee I would have at least one in my possession. I am not trying to be dark but in a survival situation, it could be a weapon too. 

      Glad you liked it! 


  3. You give very helpful, practical advice. It is a powerhouse to mention how people typically underestimate the power of powerless tools and more importantly embracing what life would be like if it lost all semblance on modernity.

    I think it would help you to mention that you are going to be discussing ten tools before you start that section of the article.

    Yes, your tools are very far-fetched for an equally far-fetched scenario. Nothing is off-limits when the sky isn’t!

    Powerless tools are everything but powerless.

    • Hi, 

      It is amazing to me some of the things our ancestors did with some of these very simple tools. The advancement in technology and development of these tools it makes things so much simpler and quicker but the old school tools, I feel put out a more personal product. 

      Maybe just because it takes longer to perform a task it gives you more time to pay attention to the detail.

      I am not sure how far fetched the idea of our society being set back might be. But without these tools, your skills could be rendered useless. I like to be prepared.



  4. You have to have a Plan B for just about everything, which includes having the survival tools you mentioned in case of a power outage. I can’t imagine being in a situation where there is no power, and I have to free myself, provide for myself, or survive on my own until power is restored or help arrives. That would not be a pretty sight. As for the tools in general, I find the hand drill most fascinating as I have never seen one before. Who woulda thunk it? A hand drill? That’s definitely something to consider for all the right reasons, one of which includes being ready when disaster strikes.

    By the way, later in my Army career, they started making us prepare an emergency preparedness kit, which included your basic necessities such as food, water, and a first-aid kit. However, it also included things such as a hand-crank or battery-operated flashlight, hand-crank radio or battery-operated cell phone, extra batteries, and you guessed it, some basic tools for survival.

    None of these things are important to anyone until the time you need them, and they are not there. So, yes, preparedness is everything. Thanks for a wonderful post!

    • Hello Barry,
      It is hard to imagine what it would be like to have to suddenly revert to these measures. I have found the best way to practice is to go camping and take some of the tools you have prepared to use in this event. It is fun and if things don’t work out you can pack up and go home. Something you would not be able to do if things do go south.
      Best to be ready before you have to be!
      Thanks, Chad

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