Foxfire Books

Complete Set of Foxfire Books

Southern Appalachian Heritage.

I have had a copy of these books since I was a kid. I have learned so much of what I know about surviving in the wilderness from reading these books. with the complete collection, there is so much information that you can learn and share with the ones you enjoy practicing survival skills with helping them be ready before they have to be!

For over 40 years, high school students in Foxfire programs have helped to gather and publish information about their Southern Appalachian heritage. Best known for the best-selling Foxfire Book series, the series, and the other topical titles were all grown from interviews gathered for The Foxfire Magazine. The success of the student-driven program led to professional research that generated the Foxfire Approach to Teaching and Learning and its support materials for use by other educators hoping to achieve similar levels of student involvement and create life-long learners.

If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift that will keep on giving just click the link!
Complete Set Of Foxfire Books

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