Your Survival Plan From Paddack

Your Survival Plan

If you don’t have a plan, how will you survive?

With this membership, you will receive a weekly email from, each month one of the emails will have a newsletter “Your Survival Plan”, with lots of information on the topic of prepping and survival. It will also have instructions with action items for us to begin getting you set up step by step to have everything on hand you will need to survive in the event you need to. Going through this together every month will provide you with an emergency survival kit, skills, and develop a habit for you to be ready before you have to be!


What will you learn?

What you will need to have in your survival kit.

What you will use to store it.

Where to store it and how. 

How to inventory and keep stock rotated so you always have fresh supplies.

My promise to you is if you stick with it and follow through with the action items in each newsletter, it will become a habit that becomes normal and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be able to survive when disaster strikes.


Peace of mind that comes from:

Eliminating procrastination, 

Instilling discipline,

Learning skills

Building confidence so you can feel safe!

It does not stop there either, once we have gotten through the training to make you a professional prepper, we will then move on to developing essential survival skills that no one can take away from you and you can pass on from generation to generation and help me help society remember that we can survive without running water or a convenient store on every corner.

Since you have been referred by Justin you will get this personalized guidance for only $17/month!

This is a super low cost to have the skills and supplies to know you will survive!

Just fill out the form and redirect to where you can subscribe.
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