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Hello, I am glad you have found my site! I am guessing since you are here you are like me, always trying to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. My intent in putting this site together is to help with that.

A Little About Me

As of 2020, I am a successful Steam Fitter of 30 years at UA Local 440. I am an instructor for classes such as Use and Care of Tools, Jobsite Health and Safety, Soldering and Brazing, and Leadership and Supervision.

I have been working with my hands my whole life. I have had many experiences that have gifted me with the ability to take care of things. One of which would be my wonderful family. I have a wife, daughter, and two sons. We have worked as a team to take care of life together.

You can probably imagine from that general description we have had lots of experiences. Some I hold near to my heart and some I will never forget even if it hurts. All of it put together makes us what we are. I will always fight to keep my family safe and well.

We Are Prepared

Through all of our experiences, we have always worked together, looked out for each other, and most of the time enjoyed doing it. There is always that thought that one day we may actually have to struggle just to survive. In the event that does happen, even the ones who are grown and making it through life on their own know where to come when things go south.

Having that peace of mind makes life a little bit easier just knowing we will all be ok. It may not be luxurious, but we will be ok.

I was having a conversation with a friend a while back on this topic and it dawned on me that there are many people who don’t have this ready. This is what brought me to the idea of helping people get ready. It is affordable on any budget and easy to do. One just sometimes needs a little guidance.


Be ready before you have to be ready!

On this site, you will be able to find whatever you might need to learn and understand what you will need to prepare yourself for whatever life throws your way.

Just knowing that if I can reach out to a few, I have at least helped someone be ready to survive.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Chad Condon


4 Replies to “About Me”

  1. What a great topic!  I spent many years living off the grid.  During that time, I had to be prepared for everything from severe weather to loss of power to forest fire. Moving back to “normal” living has caused me to drop this feeling of being prepared.  I think that we loose that urgency when it’s easy to get things never imagining that the basics of life might someday be hard to come by.  This kind of site is very important.  This article reminded me that I need to be prepared no matter where or how I am living.

    • Too True Anastazja! 

      I was raised by a family that had been through the depression and continued to live like they were still in it. Growing up it was nothing to spend your entire summer on grandpa’s farm planting, harvesting, and preserving all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and berries. Not to mention tending to cattle, pigs, and sheep. It wasn’t always easy but we never were hungry. 

      All that I have learned from being raised in this environment has made me the way I am today. I still grow my own vegetables and put up several quarts of tomatoes, green beans, peppers, and pickles. This doesn’t include the berries we preserve or squash that we freeze. It is just a way of life. 

      Raising my own children, it has always been on my mind to teach them how to do these things. They didn’t enjoy the time spent as much as I did but they at least know it can be done. 

      They see me collecting rainwater and different materials to be able to make adjustments if we were forced to be without the grid. really the only thing I don’t have ready is electricity and I think I would be fine without it honestly.

      Is it bad to say even if I weren’t as prepared as I am, I kind of look forward to it? Whether you are like me or not, it is always good to be ready before you have to be!

      Thanks for stopping by and you are always welcome back!


  2. Hi, I am pleased to meet you. Wow, this is so motivating and interesting. I am very happy to have read about being able to find whatever I might need to learn and understand what I will need to prepare myself for whatever life throws my way, as you outlined. Your experience to take care of a lot of things sounds amazing. This is awesome.

    • Hello Kokontala, 

      It is nice to meet you too! I am glad you stopped in for a visit. You are welcome back any time to browse away! I am also here to help if you have any questions or a specific thing you would like me to post. You can hit me up in a comment on any page or article or even better yet, click here and subscribe to Your Survival Plan and I will personally help you set up what you need to have on hand at all times to survive.

      Glad you are here and hope you come back to see more!


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