PrepB4 – Winter Weather Travel Safety

Driving In Winter Winter weather can wreak havoc on travel plans. Every year we read of canceled flights and closed roads due to ice and snow. It’s always a good idea to check the weather before a road trip, but Continue reading PrepB4 – Winter Weather Travel Safety

PrepB4-Tornado Warning vs. Watch

In the week previous to writing this article there were tornados that took lives in more than one state. Kentucky was hit late last week and Iowa just two days before I am writing this. There have been tornados reported in Continue reading PrepB4-Tornado Warning vs. Watch

What Is Emergency Preparedness

Are You Ready? Every US State and Territory Is At Risk Of Disaster So many people are affected every year. Lives turned upside down or even lost. After a disaster, so many people are in need of help, this makes Continue reading What Is Emergency Preparedness