Emergency Preparedness, Be Ready Before You Have To Be Ready


You never know when or what could happen. The best thing you could do is be ready.

So, check out the Prepper and Survival Skills tab in the menu bar above and acquire some free info, skills, and tools you can use for survival!

If you are not sure where to start when prepping you are in the right place. On this site, we offer a membership called Your Survival Plan. This system will break down all the things you should know, give you the instruction and resources to step by step get you set up with a customized survival kit to suit your needs. Click on the image to sign up!

Your Survival Plan

My promise to you is if you sign up and stick with it and follow through with the action items in each newsletter, it will become a habit that becomes normal and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be able to survive when disaster strikes.

If you are not sure you are ready, fill out this form at the bottom of this page, I will give you my free guide. This guide has a list of what you need and information to help you understand why these nine things will help you survive when disaster strikes. This information, if you follow through, could actually save your life!

If you have already read this guide and want more but are still not sure if you are ready to learn these skills with me and are interested in more of this kind of information you can purchase more of my downloads and books at the bottom of this page or hit the Resources tab at the top of this page.

Not By Water Alone
Free guide for filling out the form below.
Not By Water Alone
Get this free article to list the 9 things you should have on hand and a description to help understand why.

Enjoy The Read

When you fill out the form to get the free guide, you will find a list of 9 things you should have on hand at all times. There is also a brief explanation of why you would need or use them if it is not completely self-explanatory. Once you have noted this and thought about how you will document, schedule, and maintain a steady rotation within your budget, you will now be ready to build your stash.

If you are still unclear on what direction you need to go, sign up for Your Survival Plan I will cut through all the confusion and guide you through this process myself and help you build a habit that will leave you ready before you have to be!

Clean Drinking WaterIf you return to this site after reading the free guide, you can go to Where To Start. I have separated and placed in order with many things to help you start getting ready before you have to be. First, you will scroll down to start your own Home Emergency Survival Kit.

Powerless Tools

You can then enjoy more posts like Powerless Tools For When There Is No Power. This will give you the information you need to understand why you should have these items in your Home Emergency Survival Kit. Then return to Where To Start and scroll down to Powerless Tools and see how I have this laid out for you to make it simple to acquire things you need in order as you build your kit at your own pace and in a manner that fits your budget.

Bug Out BagAfter you have accomplished all of this, I recommend Building A Bug Out Bag. I have written a post on this following the same format so you can easily follow along, keep track, and get what you need at your own pace and budget. Just go to Build A Bug Out Bag and read the article. Then you can read up on that one and return to, you guessed it, Where To Start and scroll down to Build A Bug Out Bag. See how simple this is! My goal is to help you find what you need all in one place, explain why you need it, and how to store it.

Once you have accomplished all of your goals that have started from the free guide, keep coming back for more DIY projects and tips and tricks for preppers and survivalists alike. Then you will be ready before you have to be!

Here, you can find much more information on survival topics. You can purchase my book, I Will Survive. This simple book will give more detail on emergency preparedness. Imagine, being in a situation where you had to use skills to survive and thinking you got the life-saving information you needed for less than $5. Please, purchase and read this book! Even if you never have to survive a disaster, you can use these skills in day-to-day life. You will not have wasted the $4.40 you spent to get it.

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12 Replies to “Emergency Preparedness, Be Ready Before You Have To Be Ready”

  1. This is a very informative article about being prepared for the worst situations. It’s always good to be prepared for anything and everything it can save your life in many situations in life. Great job i really enjoyed reading this article keep up the good work in keeping people informed about being prepared this is something we should all do more


    • Hi Jonathon, 

      I couldn’t agree with you more. In fact, because of that, I have started this blog in hopes to help people begin to think about this and be ready before they have to be. I am not saying that everyone needs to build a fortress or have a massive stockpile but it would be nice if some people would at least purchase some of the things I have laid out for them on this site. It is something that can easily be accomplished on any budget as long as you stay focused and continue to keep it up.

      If you have entered your information and received the free guide, you should visit Where To Start and see how things are laid out for one to begin preparing. All you would have to do is bookmark that page and return occasionally to purchase an item or two in the order they are laid out and before you know it you could survive without leaving your house for over a month. Even longer if you read up on the posts and acquire some primitive survival skills.

      I hope this is never needed and wish you the best in being ready before you have to be! 



  2. Very interesting topic indeed. Something we all should be doing but obviously we hardly experience major disasters — but sure it does make one realize that we need to be prepared even on a smaller scale.  Once again I find very useful information in exposure to other people’s posts — here I have learnt about Permaculture for instance. I must say the introduction or words leading up to the actual topic tends to be a bit long winded. (sorry that is me) — you obviously have your reasons. I also like the way you have many strategically placed adverts. Very interesting indeed.

    • Hello Ramona, 

      Thank you for the kind words and I hope you have found some of this information useful. You have helped me prove my point in the fact that people are not only unprepared but have this false sense of security that everything will be fine. I agree that we are hardly experiencing major disasters, haven’t for a long while, and I hope that we don’t. The fact of the matter is, in an instant disaster can strike. It could be from severe weather, war, or even terrorism. In any case, if one is not ready before they have to be ready, they will have less of a chance of survival.

      My goal is to help people think about the possibility and be able to have the necessary skills and resources to do just that.  I will survive!



  3. I was really intrigued when I saw the topic about Emergency Preparedness.
    However, I felt let done while reading through your content twice

    I felt like I was on a maze, trying to find out where I am getting this information by clicking on links and asking to make purchase

    I wasn’t honestly impressed. Where was the value that was added to this post. Unless of course, I misinterpret this information.

    I was expecting to read about what I needed to do to be prepared in an emergency and I felt let down by a lack of information not given

    • Hello Simone,

      I am sorry you were let down. The intent of this post is to help people find the free guide. This is where I have hidden the information you were looking for in this maze. I give this information for free and it lists the nine things one should have on hand at all times in order to be prepared for an immediate emergency.

      The rest of the article describes other aspects of preparing to survive. Whether it is having tools you can use to build your shelter in the event you find yourself in an extended blackout, or building a bug out bag so you can be ready to grab and go and still have things you need to survive. I have also included links to other pages with more information on these specific needs and yes, products I would recommend if you would like some help finding the things one might need to keep themselves alive in an immediate emergency.

      If one likes this kind of information, I have also provided a book. It has even more information on preparing and why you should need these things. I do have a small fee in hopes to make a bit of money and continue to research and hopefully provide more and better information for you.

      Thank you for the honest feedback! I will review this post and see if I find the need to make modifications or changes to any of the material.


  4. I think I am fortunate (fingers crossed) that I live in a relatively disaster-free area (other than climate change). So I think I have been taking things for granted which I shouldn’t. This is a good guide to help me get started to learn about what are the things we should have on hand all the time.  

    • Hi Richard, 

      I am in the same boat. I never really thought where I am at would leave me stranded ever. In 2010 we got so much rain, it caused enough damage around me that we were without power for about a week. Substations were underwater, a US highway (the only way out) was washed out, FIMA was involved, and even after everything was put back in order, there were still efforts for sanitization of drinking water. 

      I was really surprised and it was just rain. It was a record amount but just rain. I was not as serious about survival as I am now but was always the type to be prepared and we did ok. Even helped out a few others who were in need. 

      Most of the information I have been providing on this site is from experience. I have done some research with The Red Cross and FIMA to validate what I do but still practice most of what I am saying.

      I will leave you with this, Water is very important!



  5. Hello there, Chad! I really enjoy reading about this topic. It’s different and actually very practical since an emergency can strike when we least expect it. The West coast can easily be hit with earthquakes, the East coast with floods and storms, and the midwest or so with wind/dust storms and tornadoes. Hopefully it happens to no one but definitely being prepared is essential. Thanks for creating this post!

    • Mike,

      I agree with you and hope that no one ever has to deal with it! I have found myself in this situation once in my life. I thought I was prepared until it actually happened. 

      This is why I started this site. I am hoping to help others to realize they are not and help them to get ready before they have to be.



  6. Hi Chad! I agree, it is best to be ready just in case of emergencies. I know for the fact that this year us New Yorkers got hit by the worst storm that left us with no power and also a few snowstorms already. Let me check out your free guide first and if I do like it I will certainly purchase your “I will Survive” for sure. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, 

      I do hope you like the free guide. It is full of information that can help you be ready before you have to be. The main thing is to educate yourself and really think about what you need to have on hand in the event of an immediate emergency.

      This can look a little different depending on your location and surroundings. As you said New Yorkers put in this kind of situation, think about what you need to stay put assuming you are in an apartment or condo. Water is number one, non-parishable foods, and some type of light and heat. 

      If there is an extreme event, If it were me in a city, I would have a bug-out bag prepared and a plan on where I would go to be able to survive off the land/surroundings.



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