Your Survival Plan

Your Survival Plan

If you don’t have a plan, how will you survive?

With this membership, you will receive a weekly email from, each month one of the emails will have a newsletter “Your Survival Plan”, with lots of information on the topic of prepping and survival. It will also have instructions with an action plan for us to begin getting you set up step by step to have everything on hand you will need to survive in the event you need to. It could be a utility outage that lasts for days, an earthquake, wildfires, tornado, or whatever your region might expose you to. It could be a pandemic (like we will have one of those soon right), terrorist attack, or all-out war. Going through this together every month will provide you with skills and develop a habit for you to be ready before you have to be!


What will you learn?

What you will need to have in your survival kit.

What you will use to store it.

Where to store it and how. 

How to inventory and keep stock rotated so you always have fresh supplies.


My promise to you is if you stick with it and follow through with the action items in each newsletter, it will become a habit that becomes normal and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be able to survive when disaster strikes.


Peace of mind that comes from:

Eliminating procrastination, 

Instilling discipline,

Learning skills

Building confidence so you can feel safe!


It does not stop there either, once we have gotten through the training to make you a professional prepper, we will then move on to developing essential survival skills that no one can take away from you and you can pass on from generation to generation and help me help society remember that we can survive without running water or a convenient store on every corner.

I am offering you this personal guidance for only $19/month!

This is an unbelievable $0.63 per day to have the skills and supplies to know you will survive!

Once you start, I will be with you every step of the way. There is a Facebook group where you can reach out and communicate with others who are putting together their plan to be ready before they have to be. You will have access to me personally for questions and communication to make your plan specific to your region and personal needs.


 Fill out the form and subscribe now! 

Your Survival Plan
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Entering your information here will redirect you to where you can subscribe to Your Survival Plan so we can work together toward you having peace of mind knowing you have what you need to survive.

32 Replies to “Your Survival Plan”

  1. I’m failing to understand what is this survival plan.  Is it some sort of life coaching done virtually and if yes does it check on the progress of people who bought into the program, and is the program relatively new or has been  going on for some  time now and has gotten good testimonials?

    • Hello Gontse, 

      You are right on track! This is a founding member launch for a brand new program. Your Survival Plan is a membership you can subscribe to right now at an introductory price that will not be offered again once I have the first 25 members. 

      With the membership, I will be communicating electronically with the members to guide you step by step to acquire the items you need to build a survival kit leaving you ready for any emergency that we may incur whether it be a natural disaster or any other means. 

      There are specific action items that have to be checked off and we will go through them in a way that will create a habit so you can naturally do this on your own within a budget. 

      Once we cover the core items for survival, we will then begin to expand on the details that are required depending on location and surroundings and develop skills that will make you a professional prepper and can be passed on to your next generation leaving our society with the ability to live without being dependant on conveniences like running water and electricity. 

      This will be a fun learning experience and will leave you ready before you have to be!


  2. Wow for only $5/month?  That’s a great deal for a survival plan that is so important!  Knowing that it will become a habit that becomes normal and will provide me with peace of mind for when disaster strikes is a huge benefit. How is the survival plan distributed?  Is it always available or does it expire?

    • Hi Alyse! 

      This deal is limited time! The price will go up shortly!

      Once you are subscribed as a founding member you will have exclusive access to me personally. Once this grows to more than I can handle I will be adding help but as a founding member, it will always be me personally.

      The information that is given to you throughout the lessons will be emailed to you and yours to keep. There are certain steps/action items that will require you to print and use in the process. I have also started a group on Facebook for members to share their success and accomplishments and communicate within the group to help each other and expand the knowledge as one. As humans, we are safer, more efficient, and happier in numbers!

      This training will develop skills that no one can take from you and cannot expire! In fact, you will be able to pass them on to your next generation and help society as a whole have a better understanding of how to survive without running water or electricity if needed. 

      Hope this helps you be ready before you have to be! Come join me!


      • Chad,
        I’m a little confused about the membership fee. This comment states the membership being only $5.00, but I read somewhere else that is is $19.00. Will you please clarify for me just how much the membership is? I’m very interested but live on a low fixed income so, if it’s the $5.00 fee I can most likely add that in my tight budget. Ìt all sounds like it will be well worth the investment regardless. I’m just not sure I can afford more.
        Please clarify this for me, I would greatly appreciated it.
        And I hope to be one of your survival members soon!
        Thank you in advance for your reply!

        Sherry Hillbolt

        • Hello Sherry,
          I did start the membership at $5 for the first 25 who signed up.
          I now have others promoting this and have to raise the price for them to make a commission.
          It is still a great value if you are interested in building your survival kit so you can be ready before you have to be!

  3. Hey, I am absolutely impressed with the quality of your site; everything is so meticulously placed and the ads seemed like they’re tailored to post perfectly.  Is it the only thing that you are selling?  Also, one of the items for sale on the sidebar is by the company “Frog Survival”‘ I’m very curious to AS TO WHAT A Paracord Grenade is?                                                                           

    • Hi Rene, 

      Thank you for visiting and all the great compliments!

      I am pleased to answer your questions! 

      I have a lot of free information in the blog roll, but if you are looking for more tailored information you can look at the download page from the top menu. I have some very affordable downloads on that page. Some for single mothers, families, and anyone who is interested in being ready before they have to be.

      The Paracord Genade is a handy item to have on any backpack you might have. It is small, clips right on anything, and has many tools for survival situations.

      Here are some things it can be used for. Check this out!

      Start a fire outdoors with the fire starter, knife and tinderCatch fish for a survival meal with fishing hooks, line and other fishing suppliesUse tin foil to signal for help, cook food or as a container to collect and hold waterPerfect survival tool for camping, backpacking and military personnelHere is what’s inside!CarabinerKnife BladeFire StarterFishing SwivelsTin FoilCotton TinderFishing HooksFishing LineFishing WeightsFishing Bobbers

      I hope this helps! If you are interested in getting detailed training from me on how you can be prepared for any emergency survival. Subscribe for Your Survival Plan today and we can start the journey of teaching you to be a professional prepper together.



  4. It’s definitely wise to have a survival plan, as the past year of a global pandemic has made very clear. Just last night our power went out during a mild storm and it remade me think just how ready we might be. We’ve decided to add a few things to help in scenarios when normal comforts aren’t accessible. I am interested in learning more from the survival guide you speak of as well. Is the advice going to require a big financial investment (generators, etc)?

    • Hi Aly, 

      Your Survival Plan is just that, yours. I have formatted lessons and start in the same place with everyone. We start with essentials and build from there. It will require communication but will be tailored to meet the needs of your surroundings and desire/financial ability. 

      The plan is to start out slow and build your stockpile within your normal grocery budget. For some people, this is too slow and they can afford to have a bunker built with generators and such. Those options will be available but not required. 

      Some of the skills that you will learn in this membership will allow you to survive on the land with nothing more than what you can carry if that is the path you choose.

      If you join today, we will start that journey together and be ready before you have to be!


  5. Hi, 

    Does this survival plan newsletter cover various situations such as prepping for hurricanes, for example a category 4 or 5 which are the strongest? I’ve been in several and learned how to prepare for them, but I would like to read additional tips on it. Does it also cover having survival kits ready for unexpected or sudden emergencies such as earthquakes or tsunamis?

    • Hi Christine, 

      Your Survival Plan will be just that. I start everyone at the same spot and make sure we have the essentials covered first. After that, we move on to a more personal expansion depending on location and surroundings. People are subject to different environments as you pointed out. So my direct answer is yes, it does. 

      It will even go past that, involving what happens next. If it is worse than a natural disaster and you can no longer live where you are and have to leave the area. It is a journey and I am here to guide you to become a professional prepper and to be ready before you have to be, so you can survive.

      I am constantly adding to the blog roll too, stop by any time and ask questions or feel free to just comment. There are lots of people who have personally experienced a hurricane, tornados, ice storms, and I welcome anyone to share in the comments. We are stronger and happier in numbers!


  6. HI Chad. Very interesting post. Im just starting my adventure with survival and looking for sources when I can learn more. I’ve seen some site and courses but to be fair content was quite disappointing. But this plan looks interesting, hope there will be practical tips how to survive in nature. Looking forward to test it in practice !

    • Cogito, 

      This membership starts out by prepping where you would be “bugging in”. Then moves into the more primitive skills for sustaining. It does however get into some of my favorite topics where you can survive off of the land anywhere with nothing more than what you can carry/ “bugging out”.

      If you are seasoned it will start out a bit slow but if followed through may identify some holes in your preparation or solidify what you already have done before exploring new skills. 

      I am anxious to help! Please subscribe today so we can start our journey through Your Survival Plan!


  7. This sounds great! After the year we’ve all had I’m sure there are many others who are looking to be more prepared as we enter this new age of unknowns. Having a plan in place for emergencies is priceless. My family started storing extra food in the basement in case of shortages. It would be nice to learn skills. Does this membership include learning new skills for sustainability as well as strategies?

    • Hello Nicole, 

      I am glad you have stopped by, it seems you and your family have a well-motivated concern for this need to be prepared. It has been a rough year and I am not convinced it is not a prequel to what is to come after seeing how the media and some of our governments have handled the situation. Not to mention the effects on the supply chains that have come from it. 

      This membership starts with the basics of what you need right out of the gate in the event there is an emergency. Once that foundation has been laid we will begin to identify the individual needs by location and surroundings and prepare for those. 

      You will receive bits of training during this process but the goal at the start is to make sure you have what you need to be ready before you have to be. Once that is accomplished, then we will take deeper dives into survival skills and practice using them so we know when the time comes what you have will work. 

      To come out and answer the last question, yes! You can take this as deep as learning to harvest seed from your garden to plan for the next season, tips on planning within your own community so you can have a group who will share the responsibilities and have different skills to be stronger as a group.

      A goal of mine is to help educate as many people as I can to understand we can survive without running water and electricity. To help our future generations not forget the skill that our founding ancestors had to use to build what we know as normal today. 

      If you would like my help giving you step-by-step guidance to getting what you need inline, please subscribe today!


  8. We certainly live in uncertain times and having a plan in place to survive could be the most important thing that we do. We’ve become so used to having a convenience store on evey corner and a phone in our hands and I do remember the days when this just wasn’t available and you had to plan ahead. What a great idea to have a newsletter that keeps reminding you to get prepared. How do you deal with storing perishable foods to be prepared? Are there any foods that could be used that are portable and light?

    An excellent idea, thanks.

    • Hello Lily,

      It is a plan that could be the difference between making it through any emergency or not. The best thing to do is make Your Survival Plan. When subscribed, I will give you step by step instruction on how to store food, water, and essential items and how to track them so you always have fresh supplies on a normal grocery budget in a way that makes it a habit you do normally. 

      There are some items that will be for long term storage to reduce the effort but some of it you may already have and use so you are not all the sudden limited to rice and beans alone. There are all kinds  of items to choose from even some you can prepare your self. It just depends on how you prefer to manage your storage. 

       basically when we go through the lessons you will learn what and how to store them and even where. There is just too much to explain in one article so I have asked people to join me on this journey to become a professional prepper so they can be ready before they have to be!

      Thanks for being interested. Come back and pick up on some more!


  9. Hi Chad

    This is really an important site you have running. So many people hav eno back up plan in the event a disaster strikes. I am myself so unprepared. In our city there was a point where we had water restrictions as our dam levels were nearly dry and it taught me to value water more and to recycle where possible using grey water. Then we also have fires that happen here during certain seasons and I live close to the mountain so I always worry about will I be prepared if that happens.

    • Hi Janine,

      I have to say I am a little jealous that you live in near mountains. We have large hills and valleys where I am but I have always loved visiting real mountains.

      Different areas present different possibilities. If you were to subscribe to Your Survival Plan, I would help you get ready before you have to be. Weather it is being prepared to stay put even if the water supply is low or you have to scram right away because the threat of a fire. It is best to have a plan and what you would need ready and on hand.

      Thanks for visiting and please come back to join me on this journey!


  10. Hi Chad,
    I really like your site. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and you can quickly understand what it’s about and what you offer. And agree, people are not giving enough thought to preparing for an event. Be it natural or man-made, preparedness is fundamental to survival. One of the most important parts of survival as you state is having family and friends to work together for a common goal. I am very worried people will suffer because they didn’t invest the time into their own survival. I think your guide has come at a crucial time in this country Chad; and I hope you educate a lot of people.

    • Hello Terry!

      I am glad you stopped by! I do believe there are a lot of people out there who do not have a plan and I hope to help as many of those as I can. It may be worse, there are those who think they are ready and really don’t have a plan.

      If I can get those on board, I promise that this information, even if not at the very beginning will be helpful. Once subscribed we will communicate and tailor Your Survival Plan to your location and surroundings. 

      Reaching out in hopes to help you be ready before you have to be!


  11. Hello there, Chad! This is a great topic! Ever since the pandemic hit, the idea of survival has been on my mind a lot. I really enjoy reading articles about this topic. In addition to collecting essential items like water, first aid kit, etc., I’ve also been learning to grow my own food through gardening. Haven’t seen any crops or fruit yet though. I’m sure these are probably considered really basic though. $5/month doesn’t sound too bad of a deal either. I guess in addition to the basic essential needs, what other advanced skills or things will be offered in this program? Thanks for creating this.

    • Hello Mike,

      This is certainly a time where people have this on the front of their minds. I think it should always be though. You never know when a regular storm or wildfire could present an opportunity to put your life in danger at a moment’s notice.

      Having Your Survival Plan will not only have you prepared to survive if you cannot leave your house, but it will also prepare you to grab and go. Once subscribed we will begin a journey together and communicate so we can customize Your Survival Plan to the demographics you might be subjected to. 

      This $5/month is introductory and will go up once I have the first 25 members. It will not change if you get in on this early. I have a lot of plans and content to share starting with immediate survival storage to bug-out bags and depending on desire and financial ability, building bunkers. 

      This training will leave you with the ability to survive with what you can carry. It will leave you with skills that cannot be taken from you and you can pass on to the next generation. 



  12. Hi there

    If you do not have a plan you won’t survive. That may be true indeed.

    What a great idea that you will be sending a weekly email and a monthly newsletter to help with reminders of how to prep for survival.

     Wonderful that the information will include instructions with an action plan and help to set people up in a gradual way.

     People need advice for skills and the consistency to develop a habit so that they are able to implement their own action.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Sheen!

      I am so glad you have found this and hope you are considering signing up to start Your Survival Plan! I promise if you do I will have you on your way to being ready before you have to be as soon as we start. There are 10 action items in the first newsletter I will send. 

      This subscription also comes with free access to the YSP Tribe community on Facebook. This will allow us to communicate and to find friends who have all the answers to your specific needs. We are all safer, more efficient, and happier in numbers.

      Hope to talk to you soon!


  13. Times have shown us that thing around us can change with the snap of a finger. So we do well in being prepared. I don’t have a survivor kit and I am ashamed of myself. I should by one immediately. When we fail to plan we[re just planning to fail. And this is true also concerning our survival.

    • Hi Ann, 

      I am always here to help! If you do not have a plan this program is for you! If you go to Your Survival Plan and subscribe, I will be there for you to help you streamline this process and give you the training you need to be able to have fresh supplies for survival in the event you would need them. 

      I hope to help you be ready before you have to be!


  14. Interesting website with a topic that everyone should pay more attention to. I have been raised by my parents to be able to take care of me both in nature and in everyday life. In my childhood and as a teenager, I was outside continuously, learning what Mother Nature can provide for us.

    As a grown-up, I joined the Armed Forces, which has leveraged the knowledge my parents gave me. I know how I can take care of myself, but the knowledge needs to be kept fresh and up to date. Your website is a resource to do that, but I found the landing page a bit misleading, no pun intended.

    I will be checking in on your website on a frequent basis to catch up on survival news.

    BTW. I love the “not by water alone ” guide.

    All the best,


    • Hello Roy, 

      I am glad you have found this information useful! I have followed up on your request and sent you an email. I hope we can have a conversation and clear up anything that may be misleading.

      Thanks for your input!


  15. Hi, thanks very much for this post I’m very intrigued. Could you possibly give more examples of when your survival plan may come into use and the sorts of situations this may prepare me for. Is this Bear Grills style survival skills or more for dealing/preparing for modern-day disasters? I’d love to knwo more….

    • Hi there,

      I try not to be the weirdo prepper that is all about the end of the world and focus on real situation s like we witnessed in Texas this February. I am not there but it is a prime example of how Mother Nature had a bad day and people died because they were not prepared to be stranded without power for days. 

      If you subscribe and let me help you start this process, that will not be you because you will be ready before you have to be! We will also cover survival skills that once you learn and practice, no one can take away from you!

      I am here to help!


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