What Is Emergency Preparedness

Are You Ready?

Every US State and Territory Is At Risk Of Disaster

So many people are affected every year. Lives turned upside down or even lost. After a disaster, so many people are in need of help, this makes it so hard for responders to reach everyone. It is uncertain you will receive any help when this happens. This is why I say you need to take some simple steps and LIVE READY!

I am in the process of putting together a course that will help you do just that. Until it is finished and out there to help the world become more prepared, I am going to be sharing the knowledge and tips that are going into this course to teach folks how to identify their needs, make a plan, prepare their emergency kit, and protect their shelter. My goal is to help as many people be ready before they have to be!

What Is Emergency Preparedness

This is a question I often ask people when talking about this topic. From this it has come to my attention, it is common that people know the answers. It is taught to us at a very young age in school, we learn about it at the workplace, there is a sea of free information on the internet. Most people know, what they are supposed to to be prepared without getting technical.

The problem that troubles me is, once I start this conversation with anyone, they can tell me what their plan is if their house catches fire or a storm leaves them without power for a couple of days. Most people who live in an area that is subject to wildfires, hurricanes, or live in tornado alley have a general idea of the steps they should be planning for.

The trouble is, they are not planning. they are not taking the steps needed to really LIVE READY!

If you want to start preparing but aren’t sure where to start, I can help you with Your Survival Plan! This is a membership where I will help you step by step to build a habit of building and maintaining your emergency kit.

This is a great start but only part of LIVE READY. The course I am putting together to help with the rest of what it takes to actually be ready before you have to be.

Being prepared for an emergency means to me, that you not only know these steps, but you also have a plan, you communicate and practice that plan, you have your kit ready and up to date, you know your shelter plan, and have made the proper arrangements in case that is taken from you.

The biggest, most common issue I have when having this conversation, is even when they know all this stuff, it is not done. I want to fix that. Anyone can know what I know. If they do not share that with their children or members of their household, it leaves a huge gap for safety, it makes it so easy to panic due to lack of a plan that everyone can follow. This leads to injury and loss of life simply because it was not put into place and practiced.

Quick Cards

One thing I will share with you right now is the quick cards I have made for you to download for free. These cards will have some information to share about some of the most common emergencies that our responders are dispatched to. There are tips on how to protect your family and last, topics that you need to plan for and cover as a group.

The intent behind these cards is for you to have something you can print off so you can choose the emergencies that you could be affected by and use them to guide you through a conversation with everyone. Even if you are not following through with the course I am building to give you all the recourses to document and practice every detail, you will at least have talked with all you care for so they know where you will meet if separated. Who to contact if they are lost or something happened to the one who is providing protection for them.

The plan is to have a plan! One that everyone knows and practices! Click the image to get these easy downloads for free!

As We Prepare Live Ready

During the process of putting things together, I am creating the outline, recording videos, building assignments, and creating documents for the course. As this is being done, I will be sharing bits and pieces of the course to give you a sneak peek into what to expect. This alone will provide so much value even without the paid course. This will help you to be ready before you have to be!

Keep coming back to PrepB4.com! Absorb the stuff on the recourses page, check out all the free info in prepping and survival skills tab, and be on the lookout for the upcoming info on LIVE READY!

You Never know when a disaster will strike!

As always, Be Ready Before You Have to Be!


This is Chad, catch ya later!

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