How Will You Survive With Out A Plan

Hey! Are you paying attention?

You need to stop for a minute and listen to what I am saying. Lend me your ear, there is potential this could be the difference between life and death at some point.

There are so many people in this world who are not ready! Ready for what you ask?

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Natural Disasters:

Storms – They can come with lightning, strong winds, or enough precipitation it causes floods.

Fire – Wildfires are in the news almost regularly these days. The ones you don’t hear about are the ones that happen on a daily basis. House fires happen all the time. Do you and your family have a plan if this were to happen?

Earthquakes – These are less common unless you are in certain areas (thankfully). It doesn’t mean it can’t happen without warning. One of the largest fault lines in the US runs right through the midwest. It can happen.

Volcanos – If you look into the mind of a realistic prepper this is probably one of the top concerns. This could be one of the natural events that could cause a global effect. It isn’t the lava or even the physical damage from eruption. It is the fallout from the eruption that blocks out the sun and changes the global environment. Have you ever heard of Old Faithful? The Geyser in Yellow Stone National Park? It is caused by volcanic activity. Its last huge eruption was over 600,000 years ago and left a huge caldera in Wyoming. Where did all the earth go that left this depression? In the atmosphere. If you want to learn more about this you can check out USGS science for a changing world.

This is not only a threat to the world as we know it but an interesting topic to me. If you want to know more about how they could affect the planet check out this article from the BBC.

Man-Made Disasters:

Societal Collapse – This one is knocking on our door as we speak! Supply chains are being stretched to capacity with all the effects of the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Not to mention some of the political issues that I will not elaborate on. Our society is as fragile as it has been since the great depression that lasted from 1929-1939. This stock market crash affected so many lives around the world. I think it would be worse today. Back then there were more people who still lived off the land and were closer to what it was like to live without all the commodities we have today.

Terrorist Attacks – I can’t explain what people are thinking when they do these types of things. It really does happen though. I am going to mention 9/11. There are so many theories around this but I am going to share my thoughts/opinion. There were airplanes flown into the World Trade Center. My guess is this was an attempt by a group of people in a country that was occupied by US Military that wanted them out. Their goal was to cripple our economy by making the stock market crash. My heart goes out to all who suffered from this attack and I have to say to the terrorists, Ha Ha, it didn’t work!

There are a few things that fall in this category that concern me the most today. An EMP attack and Killware. These are two common and real threats that there are entire agencies who are watching, searching, and trying to prevent every day. There is a lot of information on both of these out there. I will share one of each.

The EMP is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse that is put off by detonating a nuclear weapon. It is done in a manner that does not cause mass destruction as you would think but instead fries all of our delicate electronic equipment. Here is a fictional story I have read that is based on real facts that gives a realistic view of what this would look like today. It is called One Second After. (As an Amazon Associate I make a commission on qualifying purchases) Gotta say it, not hiding anything and it is no extra cost to you.

The Killware is a cyber attack that is focused on crippling our infrastructure making it not possible to provide power or freshwater to our communities. I just read an article on how this is a real threat the authorities are concerned about today! I read it in USA Today.

War – This is the last one I will mention. I am not going to go into great detail because it sickens me that the world has to be this way. History shows, it happens. I could make a list that goes on and on all around the world. One thing I will say is that economic stress leads to war. Look around folks, if our economy isn’t stressed right now, I don’t know what else to call it!

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Do You Have A Plan?

The keyword in the headline is plan! Most people have a plan. A plan to succeed, a plan to raise their kids, a plan to retire, maybe even a plan to die. I am referring to will or burial plans with that one.

All of these plans depend on one thing. A normal functioning society. The world as we know it is fragile. As described above, there are many ways that things operating as we know it could unexpectedly and suddenly change in an instant.

My suggestion to you is to let me help you develop a plan to survive! Click the link, fill out the form start Your Survival Plan today!

Your Survival Plan
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Entering your information here will redirect you to where you can subscribe to Your Survival Plan so we can work together toward you having peace of mind knowing you have what you need to survive.

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