Hello World! PrepB4.com Is A Way To Survive.

Tried and true through it all. The great American Melting Pot is ever growing. Something so powerful can be so fragile.

We Are All In This Together

I am so proud to be a part of the American democracy. A system that allows people the freedom to make of themselves what they want. A union that stands for all and not one. With all that goes on in this country, I firmly believe we will prevail over all the animosity at some point. Not everyone will get along all of the time. But it is the people that make this great place a great place.

Hope, Benevolance, and Prosperity

I hope that with all that is going on in this country, benevolence will prosper. I know it is easy for me to say because I am not opressed but I have to think the reason I am not is because I live my life with integrity and benevolence. I promote the will to do good no matter what it is I am facing. I think there are many people out there that think like that too.

No Control

I would like to say to people who think this country is out of control, you are right. There is no control. It is living, breathing caos, spinning out of control. A conglomeration of multiple actions piled into one reality. The outcome is only based on individual actions.

It is like the old story I came across from a Native American, can’t remeber who or what tribe because that is not relevant. It simply goes like this. Each person has two dogs inside of them. One is viscious, angry, and devoures everything it wants. The other is kind, compassionate, and provides for ones less capible. They are always battling inside of you and the question is, which one wins? The answer is simply, the one you feed the most.

That very same philosophy goes with the way the world works. Which dog is being fed the most? You can only control which dog you feed inside of you. The rest are up to someone else. All we can do is help people realize and understand through acts of kindness and benevolence to promote others to feed the dog who will prosper.

Which Dog Do You Feed

I will not judge, I will not beg. All I am saying is, think about which dog you are feeding. It does not matter what you do, it is how and why you do it.

I have had times where I have fed both dogs in my life, it happens and no one is perfect. It is never ending throughout your whole life. Just pay attention. Think back on different situations you have been in and how you handled them. Identify the differences and consider which had the best outcome. Then you can focus on that outcome more often.

Which Dog Will Win

That is out of our individual control. If more people focus on being good then it is easy to see which one would win. Some people won’t change. Not all of them can or want to. It is something that has to be. I will not ask someone to be something they are not.

In the end, there is not one person or one government that can determine this outcome. Having that said, I will fight  to keep the ones I love safe and I will prepB4 incase the mean dog wins.

That is why I have started this site, I hope to help others out there who want to survive be prepared to do just that. All I am hoping for is to help feed the dog I want to win.

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  1. I honestly believe that the States will not continue to have the influence in the world that it has enjoyed over all these years. Power will shift back to Europe. Not to the British Isles but to the European Union. It’s just as things seem to be rolling out. You give all this some time to unfold and you’ll see.

    • Hi Abel, 

      It is amazing how others are so influenced. Whether it is the economy, politics, and such. People are defensive by nature and it is so easy to argue. If what you say does turn true. I do not believe that to be a terrible thing. I still think the European Union is still an entity that collectively has the best interest of all members involved. That is never a bad thing!

      Benevolence is at the root of the principles in place and the will to do good will always be good!



  2. Hmmmm, at a time like this, it is actually which dog do you feed? the good thing about America’s democracy is the freedom . The freedom to belong where you want and do what you want. This has made a difference between the great nation and the rest of the world. like you said, no one can determine the winner. But we must be prepared on both sides. 

    • Hello there! 

      Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you are well in these times and things turn around soon. I have to be optimistic and think they will but as you have noticed, I am ready. My goal on this site is to help others be prepared. I have a lot of work to do in getting the information in a format I can put on the site. I will be adding much more to it soon so please come back and see what you can find.

      Be ready before you need to be and PrepB4!


  3. Hi there Chad,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article, very insightful. Really love that analogy with two types of dogs. Everybody literally is a reflection of what he/she feeds to his/her mind. The human mind is such a power tool. The more positive you think, the less worried you would be about some certain things. A good example of this is how we think of our Imperfections, Backgrounds, race, ethnicity. The sooner we learn we didn’t have much of a choice to these things and that nobody came into earth with a manual, our mind becomes confident, and positive

    • Well said my friend, I wish more people could understand that. We are all human. We will never all agree on the same thing all the time but there is a rational way to handle all of our differences. 

      One thing I have been dealing with is the ability to accept the fact that it is their fault. Everyone wants to blame someone else or point out the terrible things that others are doing. It sounds cliche but if more people would focus on how they could do better, I think it would overcome the ones who just genuinely are bad people.

      Thanks for joining the topic!


  4. Thank you for your post. It is a great article for USA. Right now our country is in a difficult state: corona, economy, and politics. I love your description on Hope, Benevolence, and Prosperity.

    Like you, I wish all are going on in this country, benevolence prospers. It is easy to think and say, but in reality there are a lot of practical things facing everyone of us. I wish all live in a integrity and benevolence life and think our country first. No mattere what, our country, USA will prosper, since majority of people out there are working toward this goal. God bless American!

    • Hi Anthony, 

      It is true, there is a lot of negativity and terrible things that go on every day. One cannot just turn a blind eye because it needs attention to be resolved but if more people would focus on the right thing to do with the mindset of improvement, the whole world would be better for it!

      Thanks for joining the lighter side, my brother!


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