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Hi Folks! I am building a course to help people learn, understand, and practice what they need to be prepared for emergencies.


I have been doing a lot of research in this effort. I have talked to several people including everyday average Joes and Janes to professionals in the industry. One common thing I have found is that with all the information that is out there, even with the ones who think they are ready, people are not using the information that is available.

This has given me the motivation to put together a course to get people who want help identifying the hazards in their area, what to plan for, how to communicate with their household and practice what they have learned so when the need arises they are all on the same page and know what to do without guessing.

Be On The Lookout

I am in the process of putting this all together to present to the public. If you might be interested in something like this, you can go get these Free Quick Cards and I will automatically give you updates on when you will be able to sign up for the course.

You can continue to come back to and learn more about prepping and survival. There will be occasional posts about what to expect and when also.

More To Come

Once I have this put together, I will also be advertising on my Facebook page and Youtube channel. There I will be sharing a bit of info on myself, and what I intend to share in the course.

There may even be some special deals for some Beta versions so I can get some feedback and validation so I can provide the best value and everyone can get more out of the course once it is online.

Grab The Free Quick Cards

Click The Pic

These Quick Cards are the basics of what will be covered but not all of what is in the course. These free cards can be downloaded and printed off. I recommend folding them back to back and laminating them so you can use them as a tool to communicate the items that are on them for each emergency.

Having a plan will reduce fear and panic in these types of situations! It is proven that when panic is reduced your chances of survival skyrocket compared to when you do not. Grab these Free Quick Cards and check them out! If you like what you see, come on back and learn more about the forthcoming course!

Like I always say, Be Ready Before You Have To Be!


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